Monday, November 24, 2008

Card layouts...

Christmas is coming, fast, and I may be sitting on a Jury just when I need to be making cards and getting them into the mail. Lousy timing, huh?

I guess I will need to pick up the pace and get some cards made quickly! Most of the cards I've made so far haven't been really "quick" to make. Some have been kinetic (NeverEnding cards for special friends this year), while others have just required time to make because they've all been unique and involved.

But now it is time to get into rapid production mode! Here are my tips for making a lot of cards quickly.

  1.  Chose a layout.
  2.  Decide on the color scheme.
  3.  Chose embellishments (and make sure there are enough for the batch of cards).
  4.  Cut all materials and put into the order they'll be needed for assembly, along with any embellishments.
  5.  Stamp all images.
  6.  Color all images.
  7.  Assemble cards (I prefer to complete the assembly for one card at a time, while others prefer to place a single element on each card at one time).

I'll be making at least 6 of each card from now on, and I'll be using some of these layouts and others.  I hope you'll give them a try, too.