Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Punchy the Owl


      EK Success Whale of Punch - Bracket
      1 3/8” EK Success Circle Punch
 1/2” EK Success Circle Punch
1” McGill Daisy Punch
 1/4” Round Fiskars hand punch

Stewart Superior Memories Ink - Brown
American Craft Ultimate Gel Pen - White Pastel

Brown marker or colored pencil (optional)
3” round Hydra Sponge

 4” x 4” scrap of craft card-stock
 1 1/4” square of yellow or orange card-stock
 Small scrap of white card-stock
 Small scrap of black card-stock

Adhesive of choice



From Craft card-stock
 1 x Curly bracket
 2 x 2” Scallop Circles
 1 x 1 3/8” Circle
 1 x 1/2” Circle
From Yellow/Orange card-stock
 1 x 1” Daisy Punch
 also hand cut one small triangle for the beak
From White card-stock
 2 x 1/2” Circle
 From Black card-stock
 1 x 1/4” Circle


• Cut 1 of the scalloped circles in half. Trim if desired to form wings.
• Trim about 1/4” from one side of the 1 1/2” craft circle, making a flat edge.
• Cut the 1/2” craft circle in half.
• Cut the orange flower in half. Remove 1 petal from each half.
• Sponge brown ink around outside edges of all brown or white pieces.
• Draw “feathers” on whole scallop and wing pieces as desired.


• Glue wings to front of chest, attaching only near the top of the wings.
• Glue head to chest with the flat edge on top.
• Glue bracket to top of head to form ears.
• Glue white circles below the bracket, making sure they touch each other.
• Carefully glue beak into place, inserting under the white circles.
• Glue black circles onto the white circles, making eyes.
• Glue the craft half circles over the eyes, making lids.
• Use the white gel pen to draw highlights on the eye centers.
• Glue the partial daisies at the bottom, from behind the chest piece, to form feet.

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