Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Magic-Lid Box!

I have another Magic Lid Box... but in a very different size. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Magic-Lid Pencil Box

I ran out of patterned papers that coordinate with the projects I shared this week, but I wanted to do ONE last item that would match all the other things I created. So I opted to make my OWN patterned paper using a hydrangea stamp and coordinating inks. The stamp added a lot of texture to the print and the colors were exactly what I wanted. Keep this trick in mind when you want to create something... plain white cardstock is something most crafters have a lot of on hand, and inks and stamps can turn it into the perfect "designer" cardstock!


  • Paper and Cardstock
    • White cardstock, 4 1/4" x 11"
  • Stamps
    • Penny Black Clear Stamps, Allegra, Hydrangea
  • Distress Inks
    • Broken China
    • Milled Lavender
    • Dusty Concord
  • Embellishments
    • About 15 inches of white organza ribbon
  • Tools
    • Score-Pal
    • 3" round hydra sponge
  • Adhesives
    • Red-liner tape (or other very strong double-sided adhesive), 1/8" width


  • With the 4 1/4" x 11" cardstock in landscape orientation, score at 2".

  • Mask over the 2" portion of the cardstock with piece of paper (a Post-it Note works GREAT for this.)

  • Stamp the hydrangea randomly all over the remainder of the cardstock, varying the inks as desired.
    For this particular project I decided to leave no gaps between the stamped images, but you can stamp it however YOU want... it is your designer paper!

    Remove the mask.

  • Flip the paper over so the back side is up.
    Mask the back side so the 2" portion is exposed but the rest is protected.
    Sponge the 2" portion with the Broken China ink.

    Remove the mask.

  • In landscape orientation, score the cardstock at 1" and 1 1/2", and then at 10 1/2".

    In portrait orientation, score the cardstock at 1", 2", 3" and 4".
  • Cut off the small rectangle at the bottom right of the piece (this piece will be 1/2" x 1/4".)
    Reserve the piece to use to aid in measuring the placement of the triangular cut-out pieces.

    Cut vertically on the 4 score lines across the bottom of the cardstock, up to the horizontal score line which is 1/2" from the bottom edge.

    Working with the side that is mostly white up, mountain fold on the score line that is at the 1 1/2" mark.
    Using the cut out piece, measure and mark 1/2" from each of the score lines along the fold line.

  • With a straight-edge, draw a diagonal line from the marks to the intersection of the two score lines and along the score line, as shown.

    (Note that the last triangle, at the 1/4" tab, gets marked horizontally to the edge instead of to the fold.)
  • Cut along the drawn lines.

  • Open up the piece.
    With the wrong side still up, valley fold on all of the the long score lines.
    Valley fold all the shorter score-lines except the one at 1"; mountain fold that one.
  • Apply red liner tape to the long 1/4" tab on the print side, right next to the fold.

  • Remove the red liner from the tape and align the edge of the cardstock with the fold so that a squared tube is formed.
    Apply red liner tape to the edges of the first and third bottom tabs on the inside of the tube.
    Fold in the second and fourth tabs.
    Remove the red liner from the tape.
    Fold in the first and third tabs, pressing to adhere to the other two tabs, and forming the box bottom.
  • Apply red-liner tape to the outside of the 1/4" flap at the top of the box.
    Forming the lid of the box around the rest of the box, carefully align the edge of the lid with the fold of the tab.

  • Press onto the red liner tape to finish the lid.

  • Tie a ribbon around the lid with a bow.
    The box is finished and measures 1" square by 8 1/2" tall when closed.

This box is a great way to give small, long items such as pens or pencils, crochet hooks, a tire guage, etc. I hope you'll give it a try.



  1. I like this box, I can use it for my crochet needles

  2. I told you I would be back to check out your wonderful blog!!! I think it is fabulous!!
    I am going to try and make the matchbook calendar for my mother, she always has doctor's appt's and other dates to remember. I think she would really enjoy one. Thank you for the instructions. Come by and visit me at

  3. Thanks for sharing this great box would be perfect for my crochet hooks that I keep loosing track of in the bottom of my tote

  4. Wow Kathy, this is really a neat box!!! I think I would make a great teachers gift with some fun/fancy pens/pencils in it.

    RobinF (SPP)