Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seed Pocket

Seed Pocket

This folded pocket is wonderful for holding small items; historically pockets like these were used to hold seeds, but I am going to use mine to hold a small gift.


  • Paper and Cardstock
    • Double-sided patterned paper of choice, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" and 3" square
  • Embellishments
    • About 10 inches of 1/4" wide ribbon of choice
  • Tools
    • Crop-a-Dile (used as a hole punch through a lot of layers)
    • Floss threaders
    • Scor-pal (or Scor-buddy)


  • With the rectangle of paper in landscape orientation, score at 4 1/4".
    It doesn't really matter which side is up.

  • Fold on the score line, strongly reinforcing the crease with a bone folder or scor-tool.

  • On the fold edge, fold the corners in to the center line, as shown.

    Reinforce the creases with a bone folder or scor-tool.
  • Open the paper.
    Decide which side of the paper you want on the outside.
    Re-crease the fold lines so that the diagonals are mountain folds and the horizontal fold is a valley fold, as shown in the photo.

    (NOTE: I changed my mind and decided to have the more bold paper be the outside AFTER I took this photo... I simply reversed the folds.
    This project is VERY forgiving.)
  • Fold on the creases, letting the center crease collapse inward.
    (Note: This is known in Origami as a balloon or waterbomb base fold.)

  • Fold the top layer of the sides of the base in to the center line, as shown in the photo.

  • Turn over and repeat.

  • Reverse the 4 folds you have just made so that the flaps fold toward the inside of the pocket.

    Set aside.
  • Score the 3" square at 1 1/2".

  • Fold on the score line, and place over the top of the seed pocket.
    Punch two holes through both the topper and the seed pocket as shown.

  • This step is not required, but it does make threading the ribbon much easier!
    Get a floss threader (meant for threading dental floss through braces and other dental work.)

    Thread the floss threader through the holes, and then thread the ribbon through the loop of the threader.

    Pull the end of the threader to get the ribbon to go through the holes.
    (NOTE: If you chose to skip the floss threader, thread the ribbon through the holes however you can.)
  • Tie a bow in the ribbon to seal the package closed.



  1. This is a great holder for anything small. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful project~
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  2. This is so cute girl you have been buzy.
    Thank YOU


  3. Such a clever project. I love how you tie your ribbon. I will keep that little tip in mind next time.

  4. Another beautiful project! TFS!

    I have candy going on at my blog HERE!

    Hugs, JennRo
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  5. Wow! I just can't get over your wonderful instructions and how beautiful your projects are. You are so talented you inspire me.

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  7. Great tutorial! Thanks for the step by step!


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  12. I absolutelty love the seed pocket! How cute and nice would it be to make these pretty little things and put seeds in them and give as Mthers day gifts to friends and family!!!!! I'm probably gonna try this! Thanks for showing us!

  13. I love it when you take the time to show the steps for us. It makes me wanna get out my paper right now, but I have to finish this hop tonight.lolol It is very nice, I am going to make one tomorrow, so thank you for the inspiration.

  14. thanks so much for the how to on another wonderful project. Love checking out what you have created for us. Thanks! ;00

  15. What a great project. Thanks for the heads up on the Floss threader. TFS.
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  21. Love your project, I will keep this one in mind for teacher's gift in the coming months. Good tip using floss threader for ribbon.

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  22. That's awesome!! I recall gathering seeds with my mom when I was a little girl - we used envelopes or left over seed packets but these would be totally perfect for when I get my garden growing flowers instead of weeds ...


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