Saturday, November 29, 2014

Catching up...

I just don't seem to be able to make things and get them posted here anymore. I am spending a lot of my time designing dies for Frantic Stamper and that seems to sap not only my time, but maybe even some of my creative juices. And it seems that whatever I do manage to create I post on the Frantic Stamper Happenings blog instead of mine so I can feel I am at least partly living up to my Design Team responsibilities.

So, I have decided that whenever I share something there I am going to also try to share it here. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I am going to share some of the stuff that I have shared there in the past few months. They all use dies that I have designed for Frantic Stamper, and I have to say I am pretty proud of the dies, and I think the cards came out okay, too.    :)

Mother and Child

This card used a single die, the Mother and Child card panel die, cut both out of light blue card-stock and thin craft foam. They were layered over a patterned paper, and then various other layers to make up the card. A simple red gross-grain bow finished the card. The craft foam gives depth to the card yet adds very little weight or bulk. It is a LOT easier than trying to piece in foam tape, too!

Dem Bones

I used a needle and thread to "stitch" together the pieces of the Dem Bones skeleton and then I used more thread to suspend the skeleton in a window I cut in the front of my card. He dangles and jiggles so wonderfully! The card was finished off with a paper bow made with the small Swirl Paper Bow. Some gold spray from Hero Arts on some of the layers and the bow helped to make them stand out.

Peace dove

This simple card was made by cutting the large dove and layering it over a pale blue background (spotted with some Hero Arts Unicorn white spray). I added a small layer of white into which the "Peace" was cut and pieced. A silver ribbon finished the card.


This card was made with the Santa Suit icon dies and the rope ribbon die. A bit of colorful Christmas paper, a bow made with the small swirl and small solid paper bow dies and the word "Believe" (cut with the Believe die) finished things off.

Merry Christmas

This card started with the horizontal birch panel cut in white and layered over white glitter card stock (which unfortunately took on a pink tint when photographed). A couple of deer peeking out from between the trees, some holly boughs, and the script Merry Christmas finish off the card.

Winter Church in the Wildwood

This card was originally a prototype for Christmas cards I was going to make, but I ended up turning it into a sympathy card. The winter church panel is just so versatile, so pretty, and is my favorite die so far!

I hope you have enjoyed my little retrospective. I hope you will give the Frantic Stamper dies a try!