Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finally another post...

I have to admit that I am a terrible blogger. I can't stay on a schedule. I have no time. I seldom stamp cards any more, and I generally have nothing to say.

But once a year I do sit down to make a card that I hope is special: a Christmas card for my mom.

I spend a lot of time on Mom's card, first prototyping the mechanism, then building the components, and finally constructing the actual card.

This year Mom's card is a snowy log cabin in a thick forest, surrounded by snow-covered hills, and with majestic mountains in the distance. The mechanism is a simple side-step card in a 8.5"x5.5" format.

Due to the weight of the card I had to add a ribbon to the inside of the card to keep it from opening too far when standing; not only is there a lot of card-stock adding weight in the layers of the card, but the artificial snow is quite heavy.

Here is the card from the front...

Now I have a close-up of the cabin side of the card:

...and a close-up of the step side of the card:

And lastly an angled view to show the dimension in the card:

By the way...every die I used to make this card was one I designed for Frantic Stamper. Isn't it wonderful how well they all work together? I not only enjoyed designing them, but I really enjoyed finally using them to make this card!

I won't promise to blog more often in the coming year, but I can and do wish you a happy year ahead. And I can promise, God willing, I will be making Mom another special card next Christmas.