Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quick and easy photo backdrop

Today I needed to take some photos of a card and I had to have a white background for them. I personally prefer to take my photos outside in morning light because I don't have the money or room for expensive lighting equipment, but I was a little stymied at first on what to do about the requirement for a white background.

I finally got inspired and I now have the perfect portable backdrop for my cards!

I took a large sheet of white poster board and, in landscape orientation, scored it vertically down the center. I then scored horizontally across the board, about 1/3 of the way from the bottom. I cut along the vertical score from the bottom up to the horizontal score. I folded it to form a corner, and then put a smaller piece of poster board over the pieces that form the bottom, hiding the edges.

This whole thing folds up flat, about 12"x13", is extremely inexpensive should something happen to it, is easy to set up, and could be made in other colors if I needed them.

I am really happy to have come up with this quick and easy, and effective, solution!

Oh... and here are the photos I was taking:

More about this card sometime soon... I want to be sure it gets to the parents-to-be first!