Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fun Wintery Card

I am finally back with another post! My design duties for Frantic Stamper, my health issues, plus some major projects on my house have mostly kept me out of my craft space this year. But it is time for Christmas cards, so no matter what else might be happening in my life, it is time for me to stop everything and create cards!

This card is one I made for my brother and his wife, but I also thought I would share it with you!

All of the diecuts on this card are ones I designed for Frantic Stamper, as is the sentiment stamp. The outside of the card is a Copic-colored Sweet Holly Snowman on a snow-covered Stiched Scene-builder Edger hill. The Joy is from the Slender Peace and Joy set. I think it is a sweet card, but what makes it truly special is the inside!

This is a twisting popup card that I decorated with more snowmen, a snowflake and a snowbuddy sentiment.

i didnt just want to share the photos of the card, though. I also want to share how to make and decorate the Twisting Popup Mechanism. we go!

Make the Mechanism
Score full size sheet at 5 1/2” in landscape orientation.
Cut off 1/8” from each end, making the piece 8 1/2”x10 3/4”. 
Score at 2 1/4”, 4 1/4”, and 6 1/4” in portrait orientation. 

Fold on 5 3/8” score line. Reinforce the fold with bone folder.

Mark 1” from the fold on both edges.
Mark 1 1/4” from the fold on the first score line from each edge.

Draw a line from the 1” mark to the 1.25” mark on both sides.
Cut away the piece formed by the drawn line and the score, from edge to edge.

Open the mechanism. Make sure it is in portrait orientation.
Mark 2” from horizontal center fold to each vertical edge of the mechanism.
Score diagonally across the center of the mechanism, from mark to mark.
Fold on both scores and reinforce the fold with bone folder.

Squash fold the mechanism so the wings are inside the mechanism, and the mechanism resembles a pocket.

Decorate the Mechanism
Cut two pieces 3 3/4”x5 1/2”. Mark the center of each piece in portrait orientation, then mark 1 7/8” from the top on each edge.
Cut diagonally from edge mark to center mark on both sides.
Trim bottom to be 1/8” from bottom of mechanism.

Attach mechanism in a top fold card, 5.5” tall x 4.25” wide, making sure the mechanism is strait and the point is in the fold.
Make the Accordion Panels
Cut strip 2 3/4”x11”.
In landscape orientation score at 2 3/4”, 5 1/2”, and 8.25”.
Accordion fold the piece; valley, mountain, valley.
Attach the Accordion Panels
Put strong adhesive on the lower left and upper right outside edge of the mechanism.

Place the folded accordion panels centered on the lower edge of the mechanism, folds at the top.
Close the card carefully to ensure the adhesive on the top right does not touch the accordion panels.
Open the card. Close the card again, pulling the folded accordion panels to be on top of the right side of the mechanism.
Open the card.
Decorate the Accordion Panels
Cut four pieces of the decorative paper to 2 1/2” square and affix to each of the four panes of the accordion panels.
Decorate with stamped images or die cuts.
So now that you have learned how to make the mechanism, I hope you will make a twisting popup card of your own! Feel free to share a link with the inlinkz button below.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mom's Christmas Card, 2016

The time has come for me to share my mom's Christmas card. As you may remember, my card for mom is the first card I tackle when I start to make my Christmas cards. It is always the most challenging one to make, and the most unique.

This year I decided to jump on the chibi light band wagon and make a card with lights. I wanted to make the card a pop up, with back lighting for each of the main elements on the inside of the cards.

I die cut several of the buildings and multiple trees from the FranticStamper "village" dies, using 110lb white cardstock.

Village Church


Village School House


Village Candy Shoppe


Village Grocery Shoppe

Village Book Shoppe


Village Victorian


Village Cottage


Village Shrubs and Trees

I also die cut a few tree and hill edgers for the background.

Hill With Pine Trees Edger
Evergreen Forest Edger

Stitched Scene Builder Edgers

And then, I die cut Santa's Sleigh and his reindeer out of black cardstock, and punched a 1.25" circle out of pale yellow card stock.
Santa's Sleigh

It is far too complicated to fill in all of the details of how I made the pop ups, and how I wired the chibi lights but I will give you a bit of a description of the steps I took.

The four pop-up bases are each 1/2"x7" box mechanisms. I started with a 7"x2" strip of cardstock and scored it lengthwise at every .5". I used strong tape on the first and last of the four areas of the mechanism created by the scores. I aligned the two edges of the box piece with the fold of the card and closed the card to affix them in place. When the card was reopened, there was a 1/2" tall and 1/2" deep box across the base of the inside of the card. I glued the very bottom of the church to the center of the front of the box, very close to the top of the box. I then repeated the process with more 7"x 2" panels, creating boxes that become attached to the base of the card and to the box behind it, and adding buildings and evergreen trees to the boxes. I used a total of four box mechanisms. On the last box I attached a few trees and a hill cut with the stitched hill Edgers.

The wiring followed the Chibi directions for multiple lights on a circuit, with the positive and negative copper tape winding in parallel lines from the top right of the card inside down the inside of the card front, then meandering through the village. I covered the wiring with strips of 1/2" 80lb card stock with 1/8" holes punched at each light.

I created the snowy base with texture paste smeared onto the scene with a finger, and then sprinkled liberally with diamond dust.

The battery is housed in a pocket made from a rectangle of card stock folded over the battery. The copper tape connects to both inside sides of the folded rectangle. The battery itself sits on the negative lead but is surrounded by 3 layers of foam tape, ensuring that the connection to the positive side of the battery can only be made only by pushing the top of the folded rectangle.

The blue layer was made by by sponging blue inks onto white cardstock. It is attached with 3 layers of foam tape at the top, to align the top with the level of the tape around the battery housing. The panel was attached with glue tape at the bottom. The tree lines and snowy hills were attached with foam tape, building up to 3 layers of foam tape thickness, making the top and bottom of the card flush with each other. The moon was place over the battery to mark its position as well as to add another feature to the image. The stars were cut from white cardstock (covered with Tulip glow-in-the-dark paint) using the starfall  and the Northern Star dies and then were affixed randomly.

Northern Star


Starfall Background


The last element I added to the inside of the box was the Script Merry Christmas, die cut from deep red cardstock.
Script Merry Christmas

The front of the card was made by layering a piece of glow in the dark painted card stock onto a dark blue piece of cardstock, and then layering on top of that a piece of cardstock, sponged dark blue and die cut with the same star dies on top of that. Finally, the Peace on Earth was diecut from white cardstock and added to the card front.
Large Peace on Earth

Mom enjoyed the card. I hope you did as well!